How to change your first name at the University of Paderborn

Please note that this is a translation of the original German post found here. If you speak German, consider reading the German version

Since a short time the University of Paderborn allows to change the first name without a legal name change. This is a big step in the right direction. Unfortunately there are still a couple of problems. In this post I will explain how the procedure works and how I could solve the problems that came up.

The procedure

The first thing to do is to apply to DGTI for a supplementary card for 19,90€. This takes between 2 and 8 weeks. For me it took about 4 weeks.

After that, the gender entry and the name can then be changed in Paul (under Study > Study Organisation > Änderung des Geschlechts). Here, the name that is on the supplementary ID card must be entered. The processing of this application was very fast. In my case it took only one day, but you are not informed about the approval. However, one notices it when in Paul the correct name is written in the welcome message.

After the application has been approved, it can take a few more days until the name has been changed in almost all systems. For me it took about 2 days. However, not all systems automatically apply the name. I have noticed: Panda, Komo, Sciebo.

The problems


The name on Panda is not changed automatically. Here you have to send a short mail to the IMT ( with the request to change the name. The answer came very quickly and the name was changed.


The procedure works the same as for Panda. It is a good idea to use the same email. I used the following email:

Hello IMT team,

my first name has changed, please change it in Panda and Komo. Please use only the 1st name (<insert first name here>).

Best regards <Insert name here>


For Sciebo, the name was also not changed automatically. You can do this yourself by extending Sciebo. This can be done at

Semester ticket

The semester ticket must be applied for again. This is not worth doing until the Serviceportal shows the correct name, than you can . This usually takes one day.


The procedure now works very well. The small problems are solved quickly and the processing of the applications is very fast. I would be happy if the IMT would include this information in their HelpWiki article.

If elsewhere the name has not been changed, it may be worth looking at my article “How to experience less deadnaming at the University of Paderborn”.