Curriculum Vitae


  • Abitur (equivalent to A level), specialization in Mathematics and Computer Science, 2021
  • Paderborn University, Bachelor Computer Science, 2021-today (expected graduation 2025)
  • Paderborn University, Bachelor Mathematics, 2023-today

Work experience

  • since 2021: Working student in the field of IT support and IT administration in a medical office
  • since 2022L Student Assistant at the Paderborn University for tutorials in:
    • Programming (1 semester)
    • Data Structures and Algorithms (1 semester)
    • Computability and Complexity (1 semester)


  • Java, Python and C Programming
  • advanced LaTeX type setting
  • Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, NixOS) and Bash scripting
  • GitLab CI and Github Actions
  • Fundamental knowledge of Hosting and Server administration

Voluntary activities

  • Since 2023: Member of the Ethics Committee of the University of Paderborn
  • Since 2023: Founding member and chairwoman of the “Gesellschaft für Informatik Hochschulgruppe Paderborn” (German Informatics Society Student Group Paderborn)
  • Since 2021: Active member of the Paderborn University’s student council for computer science and mathematics
    • 2022: Election management of the student elections of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics.
    • 2023: Chair of the Student Election Committee of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics
    • since 2023: Member of the “Rechnerbetreung Fachschaft Mathe/Info” (IT support of the student council for computer science and mathematics)
    • 2023/2024: Member of the Mathematics Institutes Board of Directors
    • 2023/2024: Member of the “Qualitätsverbesserungskomission EIM” (Quality Improvement Commission of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Mathematics)
    • 2023/2024: Member of the examination board for mathematics.
    • 2023/2024: Member of the study contents commission for mathematics and computer science
  • 2019-2023: member of german civil protection
    • Member of the DRK (german red cross)
    • Deployment in the areas of ambulance service, support service and technology and safety
    • Head of operations at first-aid services